5 Reasons Custom Is The Best Choice For Window Coverings

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Yes, there’s good reason for investing in custom shutters, blinds, or shades beyond just wanting a beautiful home…

Let’s start with a definition. Window coverings (blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, etc.) are considered custom when they are made to the expect measurements of your windows.

Conversely, non-custom options for blinds or shades available at big box stores are cut down from standard sizes.

There’s good reason for Homeowners to go this route as you’ll see below. Here are 5 reasons you’ll be so glad to have custom window treatments installed in your home…


A custom treatment allows you to get a perfect fit down to the centimeter. It’s a tighter fit that just looks so much better than the non-custom alternative.

The perfect fit also means that there’s little to no gap for side light to stream in. That’s important because one of the things most people are trying to achieve with window covers is light control. A perfect, custom fit blind, shutter, or shade, allows you to achieve better light control without the big coverage gaps that can occur in cut-down window coverings.


It’s a misconception that the cut-down blinds and shade choices available at big box stores are more economical.

Window coverings are not something most people want to change seasonally. They are usually lasting fixtures in the home like furniture is. With this in mind, it does not make sense to invest in window coverings that will HAVE TO be replaced any sooner than you’d replace a beloved bedroom set.

In other words, you haven’t saved any money if you’re roller shades fall apart and you have to replace them. In that case, you’ll likely spend much more with the non-custom version than you would on custom window coverings.


Why else do you pack 7 outfits for a 3-day trip? You NEED options. Custom window treatments allow you to choose from hundreds of different options as opposed to the few choices you’ll find in the cut-down versions available in stores.

Take a look at just some of our blind photos here: http://mitsvirginiabeach.com/window-blinds/


When you make an investment in decorating or furnishing your home, you don’t want shoddy workmanship or an obviously DIY look. You want it to look amazing. You want it done right. This is one of the great advantages of working with a professional to install your custom window coverings.

I don’t know how others in the industry handle this, but we guarantee our workmanship for a full year.  And this guarantee doesn’t just apply to blinds.  We guarantee our workmanship on shutters, roller shades, solar shades, cellular shades, and exterior shades too.  You just can’t get that kind of attention to detail and professional service with a non-custom option.


What could be easier than shopping for blinds, shutters, or shades for your home IN your own home? You don’t have to leave the house to see real live samples galore and get an expert to walk you through all the options. This is the very best way to see how each of the materials you’re considering will look in your space. You’ll be able to hold up blind materials and shade fabric samples next to your flooring, your paint, and your furniture to see how you like the combinations in your space. Once you shop for your home this way, it’ll be hard to schlep back to the stores. Shopping at home for your home is a luxury you’ll get used to quickly.

Now, while you’re excited about the possibilities for your home, get on our schedule for a consultation. We’ll have so much fun dressing your windows and making your home a space you love even more.

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