PLANTATION SHUTTERS – A SENSIBLE OPTION TO ENHANCE YOUR VIRGINIA BEACH HOME The privacy and lighting, of your Virginia Beach home’s rooms, cannot be understated. Both can be effortlessly controlled with the installation of the right blinds and shutters that accentuate the room’s decor. Nevertheless, deciding which is the most ideal requires the careful evaluation […]


ACCENTUATE THE AESTHETICS OF YOUR VIRGINIA BEACH HOME WITH WINDOW TREATMENTS! Are there rooms in your Virginia Beach home that seem to be just missing something? Something that will take the room from “Blah” to “Wow”. All the rooms need are perfect window treatments. The decision now turns into which window treatment is the most […]

Shutters Virginia Beach

The Perfect Shutters Can Transform a Home If you want to take your Virginia Beach, VA home’s decorative style to the next level and transform its appearance, then Made in the Shade Virginia Beach is the right choice. Made in the Shade Virginia Beach has a full line of shutters that can add the missing […]

Virginia Beach Blinds

Locating the Right Blinds for Your Virginia Beach Home can be Difficult Because everyone’s style and taste are unique and their own, finding the right blinds can be difficult and tiring.  Your Virginia Beach home is unique, and it is exhibited through the décor of your Virginia Beach home. Do you favor a Modern, Contemporary, […]

Roller Shades Virginia Beach

Roller Shades – A Special Type of Shade Option for Virginia Beach Homeowners It’s often repeated, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.”  We believe everyone will love roller shades from Made in the Shade Virginia Beach.  Beauty in both function and form, which has quickly jettisoned roller blades to the top and made […]

Plantation Shutters Virginia Beach VA

Plantation Shutters – A Practical Option for Your Virginia Beach Home Privacy and lighting of rooms is important, for your Virginia Beach home.  They can be easily controlled with the correct blinds and shutters.  Nevertheless, deciding which is the most ideal requires the evaluation of many factors.  The window treatments chosen to adorn your windows […]

Custom Blinds Virginia Beach VA

Now Available! Custom Blinds Designed for the Uniqueness of Your Virginia Beach Home! Without reservation, we can attest to the fact that not every home window is alike, and finding the right size and color of blinds that perfectly compliment your Virginia Beach home, is not an easy job.  Normally, Blinds are premade in common […]


Window Treatments Designed to Complement the Interior Design of Every Virginia Beach Home! Is every room, of your Virginia Beach home, perfect or is it missing something?  It is possible it only needs the perfect window treatment, but now which one is the best fit and the most comfortable? Made in the Shade Virginia Beach […]


Whether a Preference or a Particular Style Choice, We have Blinds to Match Every Home in Virginia Beach. All personal styles are unique, and your style and taste show through your chosen home décor.  Classic, Contemporary, or Modern your choice is distinctively yours and we can match it with our selection of blinds ideal for […]

Blinds Installation Virginia Beach

Blinds Installation Virginia Beach Installing Blinds to Accentuate and Decorate Any Virginia Beach Home Made in the Shade of Virginia Beach, VA is your trusted source for custom window blinds, shades, shutters, and various window treatments.  We bring blind options to you.  In contrast to big-box retailers and general home improvement stores offering limited selections […]